The University of Denver Project

I made a series of science exhibits for the University of Denver (DU):

  • Large, labeled 3D models of carbon dioxide, water, ozone and methane.
  • A display about the infrared absorption spectrum of carbon dioxide. You can fire photons of different wavelengths at a carbon dioxide molecule and see what happens (if anything). Certain wavelengths get absorbed, make the carbon dioxide molecule vibrate in certian ways, and are then re-emitted.
  • A diplay that asks visitors whether or not certain atmospheric gases absorb infrared light. They can guess yes or no and get feedback on their answer.
  • A display about blackbody radiation. Visitors can click controls to increase or decrease the temperature of a radiator. Its color changes as it gets hotter. If the temperature gets hot enough, a nearby fig tree bursts into flames!

Blackbody Radiation Exhibit

  • A display about how light from the Sun warms the light side of the Moon and how the dark side is much much colder. The exhibit asks why.

Blackbody Radiation Exhibit 2

  • A display about how light energy interacts with Earth’s atmosphere and surface.

You can visit these exhibits in the sim named Science School.