Lord Rosse’s Monster Telescopes

In the mid-1800s, Lord Rosse built two giant telescopes on his estate in central Ireland. The biggest one, known as the Leviathan of Parsonstown, was the largest telescope in the world for over 60 years.

I designed and produced an audio-narrated, animated, musical flying carpet tour of Lord Rosse’s monster telescopes in Second Life (SL). It’s now gone, but Geo Meek (his SL name) made a video of the tour:


… I really like your telescope exhibit. Great job! […] I plan to write about it in my new book… I think it’s a great example of how to use SL for education/museums. I was very impressed.

— Kim Anubis (SL name), founder of The Magicians


It was quite a treat – by far the best tour I have been on in SL!

— Finola Graves (SL name), American Chemical Society


I’m in awe of your work on the telescope – you have added a lot of new things and linked them together nicely… professional narration, synched to the [flying] carpet – which is synched to object actions. [I’m in awe of (?)] the quality of the models along with the signage and audio production values.

— Jeremy Kemp, Instructional Designer, San Jose State University


Although you can wander around, and hopefully wonder at, the exhibit, there is a flying carpet with audio tour … which is also well worth taking in my opinion. This tour also animates various features of the two telescopes, which is a joy to see in and of itself.

— Eloise Pasteur (SL name), Developer of SL Educational Projects


Find out More about the Monster Telescopes

I put additional information on another page. (Click the link on “another page” to go there.)

Production Credits

Written and Produced by: Troy McConaghy

Telescope models by: Jimbo Perhaps (SL name) and Avatrian

Telescope animations by: Jimbo Perhaps (SL name)

Crab (“wow…”) by: Tweke Underhill (SL name)

Trees and shrubs by: Heart Garden Center in SL

Magic lantern by: Pyter Morgridge (SL name)

Environmental sound effects and light beams by: Kriss Lehmann (SL name)

Butterflies by: Cynebald Ceawlin (SL name)

Leprechaun by: Pannie Paperdoll (SL name)

Music at Audio Check Station: “Comic Plodding” by Kevin MacLeod

Voice-Over Agency: Vox Talent

Narrated by: Nick Ryan

Music during the tour: “Fantastic A” by Kevin MacLeod

Database consultant: Eloise Pasteur (SL name)

With thanks to: Rocket Sellers (SL name) and Bjorlyn Loon (SL name)

Image Credits

Photo in “The Nebula M1” by: NASA/ESA

Photo in “M31 The Great Andromeda Nebula” by: NASA/ESA

Photo in “The Nebula M32” by: NASA/ESA

Photo in “The Nebula M101” by: Marc Staves

Black and white drawing of Lord Rosse: Public domain, obtained from Wikimedia Commons here

Photo of colliding galaxies in the eyepiece by: NASA/ESA

Lord Rosse’s drawing of the Crab Nebula: Public domain, obtained from here

Hubble photo of the M1, the Crab Nebula: NASA/ESA

Hubble photo of the Orion Nebula: NASA/ESA

Lord Rosse’s drawing of M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy: Public domain, obtained from here

Hubble photo of M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy: NASA/ESA

Image of the Pinwheel Galaxy: NASA/ESA