About Me

I’ve always been interested in science and computers, and that led me to study physics, applied mathematics, and aerospace engineering in university. Since then, I’ve been working in tech in various ways.

I also enjoy hiking, reading, travelling, and listening to podcasts.

Phase 1

I grew up on a farm with pigs, carrots, brothers, marigolds, cows, barley, trees, parents, wheat, kittens, and snowstorms. It was, and still is, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

My first computer was a TRS-80. My parents got it for me and my brothers at Radio Shack. You could write programs in BASIC. It was awesome.

The local libraries were okay; they had many books by Isaac Asimov. There was no World Wide Web. I was also involved with Scouts, piano, 4-H and hockey.


Phase 2

I studied applied mathematics, physics, and aerospace engineering in university. I put more details on another page (Formal Education).

As a student, I had jobs with the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory, the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, COM DEV, Kingston’s Defence Operations Research group, Analog Design Automation, and Purdue University. (I was a research assistant and also taught math courses at Purdue.)


Phase 3

After grad school, I was involved with many projects on the web and in the virtual world Second Life. I developed software, produced exhibits, organized/promoted events, wrote blog posts, did research, managed websites, and various other things. Most of it was related to science or engineering.

Phase 4

I worked at BigchainDB GmbH (formerly ascribe GmbH) in Berlin, Germany from mid-2015 until July 2019. They are the main company behind Ocean Protocol.

Phase 5

I started a company named Zigtrig Software Inc.

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