Decision Overload

The past few months have been hard for me.

In March, the Covid-19 pandemic came to Saskatchewan and I spent a lot of time worrying about that, especially about my parents getting it. Then my mom died of a heart attack unrelated to Covid-19. I’ve been spending every weekend with my dad, helping him adjust, and being someone to visit with because he can’t visit with all his friends like usual. On top of that, he’s getting a new house built in Melfort (started last year), so he’s been going through everything in the farmhouse, deciding what to do with each thing. That’s a big job because stuff has been accumulating there for 50 years, and a lot of it is my stuff. For each of my things, I need to decide whether to throw it away, store it in the old tour office on the farm, take it to Saskatoon, donate it, or whatever. That’s a lot of decisions, and making decisions takes effort. In fact, research has shown that you can only make a certain number of decisions per day.

I guess you could call it decision overload.

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

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