Wow It’s Already the End of January?

This past month, I spent a lot of time on the administrative mechanics of setting up a new company: incorporation, registering for tax accounts, opening a business bank account, getting a municipal license, and so on. I put that off until 2020 because my move from Germany will make my 2019 taxes complicated enough. Also, I wanted to spend more time figuring out the tech before starting a company on top of it.

The company is named Zigtrig Software Inc.

Zigtrig’s software might be available as web apps, so I wanted to try out some new services for developing and publishing web apps. One such service is called Anvil. I wanted to try Anvil because it lets you develop and publish an entire web app using only Python (the programming language). Normally you’d have to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and maybe some other backend language like Ruby, Java or Python. The prospect of using only Python was appealing.

I used Anvil to develop a toy web app. I wanted to develop an app that helps the user create some graphics, so I decided to make an app that generates mazes. Sometime in mid-January, I shared a prototype app online with some of my family and friends, to get some feedback. There’s a screenshot below.

Screenshot from 2020-01-27 14-09-52

I found Anvil really easy to use.

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback so far.

Credits: The photo at the top of this post is by Ashley Batz on Unsplash.

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