Wow It’s Already the End of January?

This past month, I spent a lot of time on the administrative mechanics of setting up a new company: incorporation, registering for tax accounts, opening a business bank account, getting a municipal license, and so on. I put that off until 2020 because my move from Germany will make my 2019 taxes complicated enough. Also, I wanted to spend more time figuring out the tech before starting a company on top of it.

The company is named Zigtrig Software Inc.

I also made technical progress. Sometime in mid-January, I shared a prototype app online with some of my family and friends, just to get some feedback. It was an app for making mazes, i.e. maze graphics. There’s a screenshot below.

Screenshot from 2020-01-27 14-09-52

I used an online service called Anvil to develop the maze app. It’s neat because you can develop the entire app online (in your web browser) using Python, i.e. without using JavaScript, even for the code that runs in the user’s browser. Anvil is good for quick prototyping but I decided not to use it in production, mainly because it’s proprietary, which means they could suddenly increase the price or go out of business, and I don’t want that kind of risk.

I took the maze app offline because I got lots of good feedback and I didn’t want to continue paying for Anvil. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback, and if I didn’t ask you for feedback, don’t worry, I still like you and I hope to have something less private online in the next month or so.

Credits: The photo at the top of this post is by Ashley Batz on Unsplash.

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