I last posted something on July 21 last year, almost eight months ago. It was a photo I took in Deer Lake Park, from a spot that was about a ten-minute walk from where I used to live in Burnaby, BC. I used to walk in that park often.

Not anymore. In September, I moved to Berlin. It has parks, but when I go to them, it’s always with my nieces and nephew, and always to the playgrounds. It’s a different kind of park experience!

I spend most of my time working with ascribe, a startup founded by my brother, his wife, and their friend. I’ve worn many hats, and each new hat means a lot of time spent figuring things out. It doesn’t leave me much energy for other things. Today was a holiday (Good Friday) so I got to spend a little time doing things in my to-do list.

A friendly human.