Dear Intuit, No.

Over the past several months, I’ve been getting emails from Intuit, the makers of Quicken, which is software that I use to keep track of my personal financial records. The emails say:

Dear Troy,

We’re contacting you because, according to our records, you may be using a 2011 version of Quicken.

As of May 31st, 2014, the following services will no longer be available with this version:

• Downloading bank and credit card transactions
• Downloading financial data, stock quotes and news
• Technical support, by phone and email

Discontinuing these services for older versions allows us to focus on providing high levels of service on newer versions while developing new leading edge financial services at a low cost.

To continue your services without interruption, you need to upgrade to Quicken 2014. To show you how much we appreciate your business, we are offering a 20% discount when you upgrade today.

Nice try, Intuit.

I don’t download my bank and credit card transactions. I enter them all manually and then reconcile them against my bank and credit card statements (which are printed on paper).

I also don’t use Quicken to download financial data, stock quotes and news. Are you kidding? Use Quicken to download news? Have you ever heard of web browsers?

Lastly, I’ve never needed Quicken technical support via phone or email. Your software is actually pretty intuitive! On the rare occasion that I’ve needed support, I’ve just used Google to search for answers to my questions.

In summary, Quicken 2011 is all I need.