a pile of crayons

I was usually a “well-behaved” student in elementary school (for a kid), but there was this one day…

My grade one teacher was Mrs. Holtvolgt (and I may be misspelling her name). She was watching over us as we clustered around a few short, wide, round wooden tables. The tables were covered with big bowls of crayons, coloured paper, white glue, and safety scissors.

The glue bottles would run empty, so Mrs. Holtvolgt had some giant glue refill bottles in the corner of the classroom.

I don’t remember what I was thinking. Maybe I was curious. Maybe I wanted to get some attention…

I did something goofy. More on that in a bit. Mrs. Holtvolgt was not happy.

Normally I’d go home on the school bus, but that night my Mom picked me up after school. I don’t remember why. Maybe I had a doctor appointment or piano lessons. There was Mrs. Holtvolgt, waiting for her with me. I still remember what she said to my Mom.

“Mrs. McConaghy, I have a bone to pick with you.”

Earlier in the day, during the art class (or whatever she called it), I’d waited until Mrs. Holtvolgt was distracted by some other students, I’d gone over to the giant glue refill bottles, and I’d poured one, slowly… into one of the big bowls of crayons!

It took me several months of allowance to replace the glue and crayons.

Photo Credits: “Crayons” by Jenn Durfey (Flickr Name) is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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