Gud English


Recently, I noticed that there are quite a few tech projects where the spelling and pronunciation don’t match:

LaTeX is pronounced LAY-tek (at least by some).

Lighttpd is pronounced the same as “Lighty.”

Haxe is pronounced HEKS.

I began to wonder if that’s a problem unique to tech. I soon remembered how screwed up English spelling is in general.

Take “knife” for example. Why is there a ‘K’ at the front? Is “knife” special? Nope! There’s know, knuckle, knit…

Gnaw. Gnat. Pneumonia. Wrap. Hour.

Even more ridiculous? “One” is pronounced like WUN. And “was” is pronounced like WUZ.

I’d say the tech folks are off the hook. They’re just using standard English!

Photo Credit: Beaulieu 4 by Chalkie_CC on Flickr is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.