I don’t know much about the Vancouver Canucks, but apparently they’ve got several fans in the greater Vancouver area. Here is how I came to that conclusion:

On Saturday, June 4, a friend and I went for a hike on the Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail and then up Burnaby Mountain to Simon Fraser University. To get to the start of that hike, I took the SkyTrain to the Production Way / University SkyTrain station. As I went there, I noticed many people were wearing Vancouver Canucks shirts and jerseys.

After we explored Simon Fraser University for a while, we decided to have something to eat, so we looked on a campus directory and found a restaurant. We walked over to the restaurant and although it was a sunny Saturday there were no people in the restaurant at 5:30pm. Then my friend noticed it said “Open”, so we went in and wow, they were open! We got served but were the only people there. At the time, I figured maybe it was a summer thing, with all the students gone away for the summer. But then why keep the restaurant open for the summer?

On my walk home, I heard many cars honking their horns at an intersection, but not in an angry way. At first I thought someone had gotten married, so I looked for the telltale car with plastic flowers on the roof and tin cans tied to the bumper. There was no such car. Weird.

The same thing happened at another intersection, with even more honking, from at least a dozen cars. Then I noticed some guy standing on the street corner, waving a flag with the Vancouver Canucks logo on it. I guess the Canucks must have won a game.

Today I was walking past a church and happened to notice the sign on the lawn out front. It normally has a message about an upcoming church event, or maybe a Bible verse. This is what it said today:


A friendly human.

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  1. Interesting theory. I suppose it does explain the empty restaurant. And it's more plausible (and has more explanatory power) than my previous theory, which was that "students don't like Indian food."


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