Benefit Concert for cypress Rosewood on Friday

Tony Gerber (cypress Rosewood in Second Life) is a musician with a big heart. I met him over three years ago when he visited the spaceflight museum. He plays space music and even runs a space music internet radio station to promote others who play space music. He interviews a musician or artist on his weekly radio show (When Worlds Collide), helping to expose them to a wider audience. He collaborates on shows with other musicians and artists all the time. He does a lot of benefit concerts for charity. I could go on, but I think you get the idea: he’s the sort of guy every artist wants to have as a friend.

This past weekend, a big flood swept through Nashville. On Monday, Tony posted this update:

Hello.. we have just today been able to go to our flooded house and property. Water level was up halfway on our house. All is lost.. we appreciate the kindness from our SL friends and family. It has not sunk in yet.. I did have my laptop and some music gear with me. Also was driving our newest car so we made out with that..

The same flood swamped The Grand Ole Opry House. This has been an unlucky year for Tony: a burglar broke into his house and stole some valuables just a few months ago.

Cypress’ friends have organized a benefit concert to help him and his family. It will be on Friday, May 7 from 2:30pm to 8:30pm at Mardi Gras Park / Johins’ French Quarter in SL: Here’s the schedule: (all times are Pacific Time / Second Life time)

  • 2:30 Zachh Cale
  • 3:00 Bluemonk Rau
  • 3:30 Moondoggirl Moomintoog
  • 4:00 Frets Nirvana
  • 4:30 Von Johin
  • 5:00 Anek Fuchs
  • 5:30 Gina Stella
  • 6:00 Skye Galaxy
  • 6:30 Kolor Fall
  • 7:00 Joaquin Gustav
  • 7:30 Arman Finesmith
  • 8:00 Senjata Witt

If you’re familiar with the SL music scene, then you’ll recognize a lot of the performers: they’re some of SL’s best.

A friendly human.