SL Gets Big Improvements

Today Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, launched a new viewer for SL (the software you need to run to view and interact with the virtual world). The new viewer is designed to be much easier for new users and it also has a much better inworld web browser: one that lets people interact with the web in real time. It even plays Flash! That’s a very big deal: it means people can easily watch YouTube videos together inworld, and teachers now have a real whiteboard for drawing and writing equations: something that was missing before now.

PookyMedia (Pooky Amsterdam’s video business) made some videos about the new viewer for Linden Lab:

There are more videos on YouTube’s Secondlife channel. Robert Scoble also interviewed Mark Kingdon, the CEO of Linden Lab, about the new viewer and the current state of SL.

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One thought on “SL Gets Big Improvements

  1. Shared media solves so many problems. People who don’t do SL looked at me blankly all day when I was talking (babblng?) about having a web page that you can interact with on a prim face AND not have to worry about parcel media!


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