Moving to Vancouver

I’ve been in Waterloo, Ontario for almost exactly four years now. I drove here from Saskatchewan at the end of June, 2005. I really like it here… the University of Waterloo library, the huge St. Jacobs farmers market two blocks away, the public lectures put on by the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, the nearby paved roads through the countryside where I go for long bicycle rides, the grocery store that’s a three-minute walk from my door…

buggy with horses

The photo above shows a common scene in the Waterloo area. I often hear hoofbeats on the pavement outside my window.

But I’ve decided to move to Vancouver. My brother Trent and his wife Masha live there now, and we have some mutual friends there as well. I’ve always wanted to see more of British Columbia, and living there will make that easier. Also, my work is all online, so moving won’t disrupt it much (other than the time it will take me to do the actual moving).

Vancouver view

I’ll be moving sometime between August 1 and August 31 (when my lease here expires). I’ll to drive my car through the northern route (through Sudbury, Thunder Bay, and Winnipeg) and stop in Saskatchewan to see the rest of my family on the way.

Do you have any tips on moving or finding a nice place in Vancouver?

Photo Credits: 010 (horses) by RightIndex on Flickr, Science World from the Olympic Village (to be) by footloosiety on Flickr. Both are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.

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