I Think They Like It!

The feedback on Lord Rosse’s Monster Telescopes has been positive. Finola Graves (SL name), from the American Chemical Society wrote, “It was quite a treat – by far the best tour I have been on in SL!”

Jeremy Kabumpo (SL name) said, “I’m in awe of your work on the telescope – you have added a lot of new things and linked them together nicely… professional narration, synched to the [flying] carpet – which is synched to object actions. [I’m in awe of (?)] the quality of the models along with the signage and audio production values.” He’s an instructional designer working in San Jose State’s School of Library & Information Science, and is a leader in the SL educators community.

Eloise Pasteur (SL name), a professional developer of SL educational projects, wrote, “Although you can wander around, and hopefully wonder at, the exhibit, there is a flying carpet with audio tour … which is also well worth taking in my opinion. This tour also animates various features of the two telescopes, which is a joy to see in and of itself.” Note: She helped me with a database to record usage.

Geo Meek (SL name) made a YouTube video of the tour. I gave him permission to do that because the real value in taking the tour in SL is being able to move your camera around and go on it with a friend.

A friendly human.