Leviathans, Martians and Smartly-Dressed Women

Today’s Grand Opening of Lord Rosse’s Monster Telescopes started out normal: I said thanks to lots of different people. Chenin Anabuki from Avatrian said a few words about building the Leviathan in SL. Then Frank the martian showed up… in a tripod, like the one in War of the Worlds. I had invited him to cut the ribbon, but first I asked him what the weather was like on Mars. There was a long, loud booming sound, which I interpreted to mean that he hadn’t been on Mars for 6 months (which is how long it took him to get from Mars to Earth), so he had no idea.

Frank the Martian

Frank cut the ribbon by firing a laser at it. The laser went right through the ribbon and hit the concrete below, starting two little fires… and that was with his low-power laser! (I asked him to use the low-power laser in case his aim was off, to minimize lawsuits etc.)

Cut Ribbon

The ribbon cut! That’s Pooky Amsterdam, hostess of The 2nd Question (weekly SL show) in the lower right. She was dressed to the nines.

Photo Credits: Frank’s Tripod and Cut Ribbon by Annie.

A friendly human.