Old Science News News

A few months ago, Susan Gaidos, a freelance science writer, called me on the telephone and asked if I had a few minutes to answer some questions about science in Second Life. She was researching an article for Science News, a weekly magazine. Science in Second Life is one of my favourite topics (and one which I know a lot about), so we ended up talking for quite a long time!

The article, titled Scientists Get a 2nd Life, came out on May 9, but for some reason I missed it until now. (Click the link in the previous sentence to read the article.) She quotes me near the end.

She wrote: “For the past three years, [Troy] has documented the evolution of SL science in his blog at http://www.troymcconaghy.com, where he lists all SL science sites and events.” That’s not completely accurate; I think she meant the Science Center website.

By the way, I never mentioned MICA to her because it didn’t really exist in SL at the time.

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