Constructions Ahoy!

My current project—The Earl and the Leviathan—is off to a great start. Jimbo Perhaps (his SL name) has built a life-size model of the Leviathan (the largest telescope of the nineteenth century). He also built a model of Lord Rosse’s first telescope! If you’re not familiar with Jimbo, you may be familiar with his work: he built many of the exhibits at the International Spaceflight Museum, including a detailed model of the Space Shuttle.
Meanwhile, I’ve written the first draft of the script (in the audio-visual sense, not the computer sense), including the narration (to be heard as audio) and visual elements visitors will experience at the exhibition. While researching Lord Rosse, I found a historical gem using Google Book Search the library at the University of Michigan has a copy of an 1844 book about Lord Rosse’s monster telescopes. Google scanned it into their database, so now the whole world can read it online (Its copyright expired long ago.)

Here’s a draft of a poster, done in a style that was common in the Victorian era:

Poster for The Earl and The Leviathan

A friendly human.