Mixed-Reality Conferences

NASA Ames (in Silicon Valley) is currently hosting the Next Generation Exploration Conference 2.0. They’re doing something really ambitious… a live video feed of the whole four-day conference into Second Life—so people at the NASA Sun Amphitheatre in Second Life (on the ‘NASA CoLab’ sim) can watch it realtime. Better yet, they’re showing the SL audience on a big screen in the actual conference. They’re also taking questions from people in SL and relaying them to the speakers or panels in California. The SL participants are practically full participants. Getting something like that set up and working for four days is a huge technical challenge and I really applaud all the people who made it work. I guess NASA still has the right stuff.

Buzz Aldrin at NGEC2

There’s actually another mixed-reality conference coming up on Saturday and Sunday – at the so-called “Metaverse U” conference.  It will be more about the emerging metaverse. The Second Life video stream will be shown at the Skyditorium that I built in the SciLands.

A friendly human.

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