I’m Still Here!

A lot has been happening lately: I’ve been helping NPL with their NanoLands project—including The NanoShow, the Exploring Nano series, and coming soon: a popular British science radio show will broadcast into SL (similar to the way NPR’s Science Friday does already).

The SciLands continues to grow; it now stands at 43 sims (simulated islands) and more are on the way. Some of the latest sims include NPR’s Science Friday and The Tech Museum of Innovation. The Metaverse Messenger (weekly newspaper) should have an article about the SciLands in a week or two.

I was also invited to try out Qwaq, the commercial virtual world system built using Croquet. An international group of astrophysicists has been using it for regular meetings. The group is called MICA, which stands for Meta-Institute for Computational Astrophysics. Piet Hut is the main guy behind that.

I was also away for three weeks at Christmas, visiting family and taking a bit of a vacation. It took a while to get caught up after that, but now I am (mostly!) so maybe I’ll find time to post here more often.

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