Presentation on Using SL for Knowledge Management and Collaboration

Yesterday, I gave a presentation to the International Workshop on Managing Knowledge for Space Missions, which was organized by NASA and JPL and held at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in Pasadena, California — except I didn’t actually leave home (in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada). I gave the entire presentation from inside Second Life, which was appropriate, since my presentation was titled “Using Second Life for Knowledge Transfer and Collaboration.” Aside from some hiccups with Skype, it went amazingly well. There were lots of great questions and comments so I was happy with the whole experience. The technical setup was a bit complex. I used Skype to call in to a guy at the conference room in Pasadena. He piped my audio in to the conference room, and I could also hear the conference room sounds over his headset microphone. The combined audio from me and his microphone was then sent to a streaming server, which sent it to everyone listening in Second Life. Meanwhile, I was logged in to Second Life, standing on the stage before the SL audience, and advancing my slides there. The folks in Pasadena saw Second Life projected up onto a big screen in their conference room.

Daniel Laughlin (Greyark Hightower in SL) of NASA Goddard presented after me, also in SL.

Update: Eric Mack wrote a blog entry about the presentation over on his site.

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