Pete Worden to Give Speech in, and *from* Second Life

Pete Worden is the Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center, the NASA center in Silicon Valley. He’s got a reputation for being interesting, innovative and unconventional. This Saturday at 8:00 AM PDT, he’s giving a speech to the International Space Development Conference in Dallas, from within the virtual world of Second Life (SL).

What does that mean? It means he’ll be sitting at a computer backstage in Dallas, operating his SL avatar and speaking via streaming audio. The audience in Dallas will see a projection of what somebody in Second Life sees—they will see his avatar, not him! Meanwhile, people from all over the world can come to see his speech in Second Life, at the Sun Amphitheater on NASA CoLab sim.

Update: The event was covered by, NASA Watch and MSNBC. NASA Watch also has a video of the event.

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