About Me

Troy in a canoe

Phase 1

I grew up on a farm with pigs, carrots, brothers, marigolds, cows, barley, trees, parents, wheat, kittens, and snowstorms. It was, and still is, in Saskatchewan, Canada, but I’m not.

My first computer was a TRS-80. My parents got it for me and my brothers at Radio Shack. You could write programs in BASIC. It was awesome.

The local libraries were okay; they had many books by Isaac Asimov. There was no World Wide Web. I also did Scouts and 4-H and hockey and cleaning pig pens.


Phase 2

I studied applied mathematics, physics, and aerospace engineering in university, which was in Saskatoon, Cleveland, Toronto, and West Lafayette. I put more details on another page (Formal Education).

As a student, I had jobs with the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory, the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, COM DEV, Kingston’s Defence Operations Research group, Analog Design Automation, and Purdue University. (I was a research assistant and also taught math courses at Purdue.)


Phase 3

Since grad school, I’ve been involved with many projects on the web and in the virtual world Second Life. I do research, write, promote events, develop software, manage websites, and various other things. Most of it is related to science or engineering.

My parents had a tour business and I took care of its website until they retired.


Some of my relatives have websites: