Is Your Patio Furniture Protected?

Snow-Covered Adirondack Chairs
Snow-Covered Adirondack Chairs / Public Domain

Every year, millions of Canadians suffer a devastating loss of property value when they leave their patio furniture outside unprotected for the winter. No Canadian should have to suffer the humiliation of a water-stained Adirondack chair, or the disgrace of an ice-damaged maple bench. By working together, we can, and we will make a difference.

I’m pleased to announce that we’re launching the Canadian Initiative for Longer-Lasting Patio Furniture, or CILLPF. It has taken years of intense negotiation at all levels of government, but we knew we had to slug through for Canada. We’ve drafted 823 guidelines as a starting point. No doubt there will be revisions and additions in the future, but we felt we were ready to share what we have so far.

The details will be unveiled at a press conference on Wednesday. We can answer your questions at that time.